Buy Lophophora Williamsii Cactus Lot


Lophophora Williamsii Cactus Lot

Buy Lophophora Williamsii Cactus Lot – Lophophora williamsii is a solitary spineless cactus. Its stem is glaucous green, dull bluish or greyish green, very succulent, globular, top-shaped, or somewhat flattened up to 6 cm tall, 12 cm diameter, with a woolly top; The subterranean portion of the stem, which is as wide as the aerial portion, extends several cm below the surface of the ground and transitions smoothly into a large taproot which may extend over 25 cm below ground level.Most Lophophora williamsii cacti ~3.5cm and larger are mature and flowering with the ability to produce seed. These plants are 5+ years of age are will begin flowering soon if not already.